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As a church we running into the red every single month.

Why has our income reduced?  Because weekly public worship is no longer taking place, we are not able to take a collection each week for those who give in cash. This means that our income from cash donations has evaporated.  Many of our usual outgoings, however, have continued to be paid throughout this crisis. These include things such as insurance costs, building costs, utility bills etc.

What have we done to try to solve this situation?  We need to plug the gap that has opened between the weekly donations we received previously and the severe drop in financial giving during the period in which we have been unable to meet physically.  Prior to the Covid crisis the parish was already in the red by an average of £1000 per month, which meant we were already eating into our reserves. Now, as a direct result of the crisis, we are currently in the red by an average of £2000 a month as we dip even further into the reserves in order to address the shortfall in regular giving.

If you feel that you can donate money to support your parish church, so that we can continue to serve our communities, please click on the link below:

Online Giving Link

Anything that you can donate is greatly appreciated, thank you.

The Reverend Kevin Greaves




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